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RFM opening May 1 with rules for COVID-19

Welcome to the 24th season of the Reston Farmers Market!  We survived last year, a year like no other, thanks to tremendous community support and to a hardworking team of farmers, vendors and volunteer Market Managers.  Over 64,000 shoppers joined us and kept each other safe.


As we open on May 1st, the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us, although the tide is turning.  COVID-19 protocols, only slightly modified, remain in effect.


Nearly all of your favorite farmers/vendors are back.  We look forward to an even greater year and thank you all for being the heart of the Reston Farmers Market.


John (Founder) and Fran Lovaas

Keith Strange

Co-Market Managers

Reston Farmers Market Organizers Awarded for Community Work August 2019
The trio behind Reston Farmers Market was awarded for more than 20 years of community work.
The managers received the Elly Doyle Park Service Award from the Fairfax County Park Authority. Read more at link above.

Where does your food come from?
(A story from the Reston Farmers Market)

          One regular at the Reston Farmers Market decided to show one family the wonderful fresh foods available at the Reston Farmers Market and how to enjoy them.  Lesley Aschenbach, who works at Aldrin Elementary School in Reston, decided a few months ago to offer to take a student and his/her family to shop at the Market and to prepare a dinner for them using the fresh food purchased there. 

          And, what a marvelous feast she made with: grass fed flank steak, greens, white sweet corn, homemade sauce for a marinade, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, basil, fresh baked bread, butter, peaches and blueberries.  Just imagine what a real cook like Lesley did with these ingredients—all local and very fresh.

          According to Lesley, the meal was a big hit with the student and the entire family.  It seems like we are likely to see the family regularly at the Reston Farmers Market.  Lesley told me that it was a great experience.

by John Lovaas, Co-Market Manager

Reston Farmers Market — Gem at Lake Anne - 8/27/18

Five Reasons to Buy Local

1. ENVIRONMENT: Small-scale regional farming preserves green space and protects diverse wildlife populations.  Buy local also cuts global warming emissions produced by trucking food thousands of miles.

2. TASTE: Local produce is fresher and therefore tastes better. 

3. HEALTH: Food grown close to where it’s consumed has better nutritional value because it is fresh and has experienced less deterioration during transport.

4. MONEY: Buying local produce and meats keeps nearby farmers in business and puts your earnings back in the local economy. Additionally, the green space preserved by supporting regional agriculture keeps property taxes in check.

5. COMMUNITY: Farmers’ Markets are great places to meet your neighbors.

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Go Local, VA
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